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DJ Kay Slay

"The Movement"

[Inspectah Deck]
Smooth like a green Caddy, ya fiend badly
Heads spin like Giovanni's on the Navi
Hammers spit, quick as the darts, n***as part
Like the Red Sea
, test me, I'm sick with the art
Been held back, it's either rap or sell smack

Black Knight like Martin Lawrence run tell that
It's the I-N-S-P-E-C-T-A-H
Livin' life on the line, I hope I see daybreak

This is ground level, rounds echo out the Special
Be easy, U.D.'s out to get you
Throw it in the smash (so fast)
Known to spaz (go ass)
We like strippers makin' n***as (throw cash)
Smoke the blue green (call it topaz)
Fake thugs (hold ass)
You be the next rapper (fallin on ass)
Wanna measure my size? I rise above the norm
The urban icon ridin' on the eye of the storm, fool

[Hook: Inspectah Deck]
All my people from the front to back
If you want it like that just.. MOVE!
Get ill, no time to chill
Yo, you feel what I feel then.. MOVE!
Girlfriend, you love how it sounds
Put ya drink down and.. MOVE!
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