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DJ Kay Slay

"Cradle to the Grave"

[Hook: Inspectah Deck - repeat 2X]
To anyone whoever lost one
Survival it may cost one

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, what up kid it's been a few years
So many blood, sweat and tears shed
Ya name still appears in my head
It seems like yesterday we floated to Queens
Holdin' cream, only 16, 'bout to load up the triple beam
Paper chasin', gettin' thrown in the pens over and over again
Comin' home sittin' low in ya bed
If ya stairin' down on me right now show me the path
So I know that havin' my people can close the gaps
Me, daily I spar as I tour this world bizarre
I've been hit pretty hard, suprised I made it this far
Seen your daughter yesterday, she's such a beaurtiful girl
Besides today, ain't nothin' really new in my world
So I wish you was here, we had a vision and the picture was clear
We'd both get rich off this and disappear
Your life is over but your legacy's just begun
And that is said, only the good die young
I guess it's all good

[Hook: Mojehan (Inspectah Deck)]
Cradle to the Grave (from the Cradle to the Grave)
Don't throw your life away
Such a price to pay
I still feel the pain
I remember when
Things were so different then
But I'll remain ya friend
'Til we meet again
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