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DJ Kay Slay

"Law Library (Part 4)"

Oh! somebody done done me wrong, done me wrong
Eyes to the ceiling all night long (all night long)
Time is slippin' away from me (away from me)
And it ain't no tellin' when I get home (I get home)

If your fam locked up and you sick of the law
Take these bars to the visiting flaw
Hurry up before they imprison us all
Welcome to Law Library Part 4

[Verse 1]
Homicide. Put down your gun for a while
If it's a full moon listen to sun for a while
The definition of homicide is the conduct
That causes the death of another person or a unborn child
I send these words to a mother if her sons on trial
Food for thought, no more chow
If you intend to cause physical injury to a person and you kill 'em
That's not a murder, that's a lesson charged sub-division
1 Paragraph A. We should all learn this
If you catch a body under emotional disturbance
That does not constitute murder. So you gotta chance
Cause it constitutes a medicating circ*mstance
Temporary insanity if your lawyer is in order
You could have a murder charge reduced to a man-slaughter
Cop out to a dime 15 years shorter
Or you could end up with a quarter. To life
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