Ekali & Elohim

[Verse 1]
I can't deny gravity
'Cause I keep falling, oh silly me
I'm wasting my energy
Just striking matches you'll never see

Oh, your forces have made sure I'm blurring my focus now
And all these emotions I still haven't figured out
Gotta keep them from the surface from you now
So I push these feelings under 'til they drown
(Drown, drown, drown, drown, drown, drown)
'Til they drown
(Drown, drown, drown, drown, drown, drown)

[Verse 2]
Playing dead
I know they're just playing dead
But I'm not ready to let go yet
I pretend I'm over them
I pretend I'm happy now
With just being friends (Being friends)

And I know that they're still down in the dark
But I'll just make forgetting you an art
'Cause that's all I can do

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