Connor’s Soliloquy lyrics

Professor Elemental

[Verse 1]
I've been ordered here for a purpose
Due to my experience from a career in the service
To all appearances, I'm merely a person
But there are circuits concealed in the surface
But nobody's perfect, not even mine
I can see the fear she's feeling inside
But can't quite empathise with the reason she is crying
But I don't need to deal with it, my priority
Is reaching the scene of the crime, high-rise horror scene
I'm only even here to provide quality, authority
On whatever unfolded on this property
So once I told it to the SWAT, I'll see what subtletly I can reveal
And employ in my appeal
To the android with whom I'm gonna have to deal
Seems antisocial but on closer inspection
There's definitely some personal connection
Whether he was turned due to hurt or rejection
There's a little girl needing urgent protection
Who doesn't deserve this aggression, now for me
To be stepping out to the penthouse balcony
Ow, did he really fire a round at me? Ding!
How could he think it'd help anything?
Now, we're really in a painful conundrum
I'm gonna begin with a straightforward introduction
I'm Connor
Would you do me the honour of stepping off the ledge?
No, not the edge, are you off your head?
He's gotten scared, had enough and said if we stepped any closer
They'd be dropping dead, fate hanging by a cotton thread
Or a copper wire or it might be fibre-optic
I am trying to inquire into what has got his clock ticking
But there isn't time for the whys and the whats
This is life on the line and it's my job to stop this
It's not a trick you can fix with a drop kick
Clifftop, cliffhanger, logic that is toxic
It's rock solid but he's standing on a rock cliff
So no SWAT longshot's gonna stop this
No sudden change of heart from a soft kiss
No M. Night Shyamalan shock plot twist
This is an uncommon situation, I do not wish
That one of my songs had a really big drop, shh

If only things could have been different
If only things could have been different
If only

[Verse 2]
If I'd have just listened better, I could have sussed this in a second
The blood dripping on the dresser couldn't have been any fresher
I guess I must have given into the pressure
But luckily, I've been given a little refresher
To experiment and test a different method
To better fix the dilemma enveloping us at present
Getting under the desk and then I pick up a weapon
Then getting under the skin of this particular specimen
Non-citizen, he's never been convicted a felon
So I must sift through the evidence
When predicting his temperament
Then commit to whatever decision that I've eventually given
As if I was there with the kid
And I'm staring into his retinas with her
Even thinking it's making me shiver
And if we mess it up, how could the parents ever forgive us?
For such a deadly decision
We must be there with precision and from every position
It's a roulette and this could go so many ways
Head spinning like a set of helicopter rotor-blades
If there's a God, then God just wrote a play
Is it a comedy or tragedy? We've got to know today
There's no escape, no doctor note or stay-of-leave
No hope and pray, you've got to vote remain
If you don't then the shot will blow your brain
So rough, the shockwave will mean you'll suffer loads of pain
So look the other way, oh, just a little late
Pulled back my elbow and then I stuck it in your face
Look, I'll do whatever stuff the predicament takes
Just to make the guarantee that our abductee is safe
Is this the fall of mankind? Nah, I hear this all the damn time
Androids are the people with the cellphones
Talking to the humans who would tell them, "Call the landline"
Can high artificial intelligence
Really be aware if it is committing a deadly sin?
Or is it synthetic and it is merely pretending to think?
Whether it is or isn't, their existence can end in a blink
In the end it doesn't matter, flesh and metal are another matter
And I guess it's just another chapter
In the neverending epic of connected interaction
That ascend from elements and chemicals up into passion

If only things could have been different
If only things could have been different
If only

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