It Didn’t Matter lyrics

Eldorado Red

[Intro: Lil Keke]
You gotta do it yourself
Do it homie, do it yourself
Do it, do it yourself
If you wanna get dealt, do it yourself

[Verse 1: Lil Keke]
Just cause we come up from the bottom, that didn't matter to me
I'm just a hard headed n***a, I'm so blessed to be free
You know the streets forever hungry they can't eat you alive
My big homie did eight flat then came home and die
You got some n***as here stuck in the past, can't last
Steady creepin' with his pistol and mask, he finna crash
Yeah my partner made parole today
f**k what he done, he back home and he comin' to stay
Dear lord, does it matter I been thuggin' for life
Do I deserve this pickin' fist with the kids and wife
I told myself that you look better from the top of the hill
Plus I'm a 100 still hustlin', outhere gettin' it for real
But watch your step and just be careful, life will change on ya
If you slippin' happen quick and leave a stain on ya
I maintain on them, cause pride is kept
It don't matter we just love it to death

[Hook: Lil Keke]
When everythang was lookin' bad on the corner and it wasn't so good
It didn't matter we kept repping the hood
It's understood if I lost all I had and the hate didn't stop
It don't matter I still repped my block
I told my homies when the laws had us runnin', steady duckin' the heat
It didn't matter we just stuck to the street
We used to ride and we grind all night, didn't get no bigger
It didn't matter I still love my n***a

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