Eldorado Red

It's right, here we go

Even water, flame the pie
Whip 'em, rub 'em, ship 'em out
I been in this trap for days
Man, I swear this kitchen hot
It's comin' in, it's rollin' hard
It's comin' in, respect the game and pay the charge

[Verse 1]
Respect the game and pay the price
Weigh it up and whip it nice
Fuss it down and cook it right
Ship it out and seal it tight
Rocks and stones with the bricks
Made it thru the Tilly sh*t
I get it cheap and sweep the streets (aye)
Now I'm stackin' biggalits
Rookies out here loosin' time
I ain't tryna lose a dime
Rollin' hard, they in the yard
I swear to God I'm on the grind
Man, I know my alphabets
LTF's and LTD's
I'm bout cheddar, I'm bout cheese
Smoke these pounds and whip these keys
Work, I see the change
Play the game and leave good
Bankroll sin' to slow, who gives a f**k?
I'm still hood
Profit first, know to win
Gotta say I'm gonna get
Connected down on Memphis10
b*t*h, we got 'em comin' in

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