P.S.A. (I’m da Man 2) lyrics

Eldorado Red

n***as can't mention this sh*t
It, it's impossible
Nothing, nada
How can you mention Bankhead and Shawty Lo in the rap game?
Just because we brought up D4L from that, like, you know what I'm saying
Like, the little snap sh*t, you know what I'm saying
Like, that sh*t wasn't planned to happened like that, or whatever
When I first started, n***a, I was in jail when...
When the sh*t really, like, jumped off, before I got out of jail
You know what I'm saying?
That kind of sh*t, I had to roll the flow, n***a
I'm trying to get my money
You know what I'm saying, what was I supposed to do?
I'm trying to get my money
So n***as had it f**ked up or confused, know what I'm saying?
I wasn't a rapper, I was just on a couples of verses, doing this, you know what I'm saying?
But, sh*t, once I sat down and doing the math of this sh*t
Looking at these n***as where they first started a couple years ago and where these n***as at
And they started rapping about me
And then we got they folks, they own people
Saying, goddamn, "I don't know he ain't who he is
He need to, goddamn, you know what I'm saying, why he just..."
n***a, n***a talking that sh*t
n***a, this L-O
n***a, I'm on Bankhead, this my sh*t
n***a, how you gon' mention this sh*t without me?

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