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Eldorado Red

Yeah, man, these n***as slow, man
You know I'm saying?
I'm 5'6", 160
So I'm a bigger n***a in the city
Peace up, A-town down, n***a, what's up?
Shawty L-O, man
Fishscale white, man
These n***as slow, man
I told, I, I...
Aye, Scream, on the last one, remember when I told them
"I'm prejudiced, I don't f**k with them white girls"
And the "18 and under"
Man, them motherf**kers say, look
I used to go to [?], would say
'Goddamn, Lo. You prejudiced, you don't like them girls 18 and under?'
I'm like, "Yeah, baby, I'm prejudiced"
It's 'cause now y'all n***as don't know nothing about that sh*t, man
You know what I'm saying?
Y'all n***as gotta live this sh*t, man

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