17.5 (The Bankhead Boss)

Eldorado Red

[Verse: Shawty Lo]
Swear to God, man, I ain't no rapper
I just kill them with the slow flow
Getting paid to tell my adventures
(This is based on a true story) My life
This is not a movie, it's my life
Twenty-eight arrests, got four convictions
Now I'm doing shows at big conventions
My goal quick, so all my weight [?]
Twelve for a deuce, that's twelve for a walkthrough
This Pimpin', I stay Jizzal
Bring your Buddies and let's Parlae
Ha ha! Y'all know what this is

[Hook (2x): Stuntman & Shawty Lo]
Stuntman, b*t*h, 17-5, you know I got 'em
Buy 4 or more on my spot, you can drop 'em
I ain't flexin', I'm a kingpin
Well, goddamn, Stunt, give it to 'em

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