Get Jiggy (Remix) (The Bankhead Boss) lyrics

Eldorado Red

[Hook (8x): ATM & Shawty Lo]
I'm getting jiggy (remix)

[Verse: Shawty Lo]
Hold up, hold on, let the man in this b*t*h
Bankhead in this b*t*h, Zone 1 to Zone 6
Getting jiggy in this b*t*h, Shawty Lo in this b*t*h
And I'm tipsy, I'm leaning, I'm rolling, I'm horny
Gangsta Grillz productions in my ear, man, they blowing it
I'm high as a four-four, looking for that low-low
And she can go with me and get jiggy if she want to

[Hook (8x): ATM & Shawty Lo]
I'm getting jiggy (remix)

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