Hood’s Been Good to Me (The Bankhead Boss) lyrics

Eldorado Red

[Verse: Shawty Lo]
Do it, do it, get it, get it
If you want, then you b*t*hes coming with me
In the pot, coming back like a biscuit
I got 'em whole, all you got to do is hit that
And yeah, I'm the man in my city
Just ask about me, I got units in the city
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the freshest of them all?
You know the place where the d-boys be
Holler at Mr. Joe at Oxford Street
Alligator shirt, alligator shoes
Two time in front, alligator one, too

[Hook: Kool Ace]
I keep a fresh pair of Gators on my feet
The hood's been good to me
Through Atlanta [?] from Oxford Street
The hood's been good to me
I don't ride on nothing less than twenty-three's
The hood's been good to me
Yeah, smoking kush adventure every day of the week
The hood's been good, the hood's been good to me

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