Shoutouts lyrics

Eldorado Red

Let me get my shouts out, man
Shouts out to my D4L family again, man
Shouts out to DJ Scream, motherf**king [?]
Shouts out to, goddamn, you know what I'm saying, let me see...
Mook-B, Stuntman, Lil Mal, Fabo, Braski
Redboi, President Born Immac, DJ Pooh
B-Trill, Dream Queen, the whole motherf**king west side
Bankhead, Bowen Homes
Bankhead Court, Chapel Road, the whole f**king west side
Hollywood Road, east side
Hitt Afta Hitt, my n***a Ron Black
Uh, shouts out to my n***a Gucci Mane
Shouts out to motherf**king Franchize, Parlae
Shouts out my n***a Yung Ralph
Lil Wayne, Cash Money, Rick Ross
Oh, shouts out to Jimmy Jones
What's happening, Dipset?

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