About a Dollar lyrics

Eldorado Red

[Chorus: David Blayne & Waka Flocka Flame]
One thing about me is I'ma do me
I'ma keep it one hundred percent O.G
I'm about a dollar
I'm about a dollar
I'ma roll my weed, stay focused in rap
Words to the haters: Waka Flocka stays strapped

I'm about a dollar
I'm about a dollar

[Verse 1: Waka Flocka Flame]
Rap for the dollar
Trap for the dollar
I'ma buy gwalla
Moula my partner
My player play your partner
Real time shotter
Waka Flocka Flocka
Never been a copper
Club night popping, yeah, so I'm drunk and I'm rolling
VIP smoking
Purple haze choking
Bricksquad in the party, so you know that club stinking
Body tattoo inking
Chew it, then she winking
Shawty, what you drinking?
Texas with the [?]
Three in the morning
Hard and I'm yawning
Bedroom performing and her head game boring
Dropped a couple of mixtapes, now I'm USA touring

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