Eldorado Red

[Intro: OJ da Juiceman]
Shyst Red, Juiceman
Cackalacky, ATL
Aye, aye, aye
Okay, okay

[Hook: Shyst Red & OJ da Juiceman]
Spectacular wrists, twenty get them 42's for [?] a brick
Wrist game nasty
Catch me posted in the kitchen, busting bricks out the plastic

Trap house pumping
Marble floor thrax got them J's coming
And we booming
Right hand shawty, whipping up the deuces

[Verse 1: OJ da Juiceman]
Goddamn, Juiceman stupid
Wrist game nasty, jewelry game fruity
Walmart Cutlass, Subway Buick
Sun Valley working and still serving deuces
Bouldercrest pitching, trap doing the [?]
Smoking up the kushy and it taste fruity
Fourty-thousand night, dog, and it's was on a Tuesday
'08 Magnum, same color Ruby Tuesday
Young Juiceman, giving pounds to the groupie
Big Breitling ring, Perkys off them deuces
Been getting money since I was a student
Hummer H2 and it's riding on them [?]
Six stoves flaming so you know I'm cooking
Texaco serving, serving all the deuces
Six cell phones, dog, so you know I'm booming
'72 donk and it's offset Cupid

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