Still Standing lyrics

Eldorado Red

Brick Squad!
I'm scared of a lot of things, but I ain't got no fear
Fear get you killed, that's why I'm still standing here
This year, 2010, I ain't holding sh*t back
I'ma bring pain to everybody like a heart attack
Breathe in, breathe out, motherf**ker
I'm the lethal weapon, you can call me Danny Glover
Flocka go hard, he learned that sh*t from his mother
The label doing me dirty, trying to f**k me with no rubber, I ain't no sucker
Roll up now, roll up now
Blown up now, ay b*t*h, it's going down
They shouldn't have never gave a young n***a money
I'm still that same n***a, drunk, all his shoes bummy
I remember back then, 16 gooning for my partners
Selling pills and weed, shawty, motherf**k a salary
Balling up work 'cause these rap n***as fouling me
Always talk 'bout Waka, that's why his b*t*h wanna f**k me
Shawty you got lucky, I can't believe I lost that ice
You had a 30 clip and almost lost your life
Homie was scared to kill, how the f**k the robber real?
My first year rapping and I signed a major deal, I'm Waka Flocka
You the king of the jungle? Well, I'ma play Simba
I'm waiting for my turn, I can't lose, I'm a winner
A lot of n***as food, I'ma meet y'all at dinner
Open house to anybody, n***a, come and enter
I'm going in, I'm going in
I'm going in like my last name was Carter

f**k a book and pay me, these pu**y n***as got me mad
So I called Lody, I need a beat, I'm in the lab
n***a, put it in the bag, Bill face, f**k a mask
I pistol whipped his ass and, I bet you remember that
Catch your ass slipping, road kill you f**king rat
Waka Flocka Flame, I heard he brought gangsta back, where the gangstas at?
I'm smoking kush in every club, if you banging, throw it up
b*t*h, we fighting in the club, after that, we shoot it up
I don't really got aim, so you best take cover
Waka Flocka Flame, this the intro, motherf**ker

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