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Give me an angel
Give me an angel
Give me an angel

[Verse 1]
Beautiful world
Beautiful girl
Done chasing hoes tell you and ya girls
Party time's over
We can chill in a rover
Or do anything
Girl i'll whine and dine ya
Give you diamonds
Ain't no break control
We timeless
Paint the walls white
As she brightens
Got my rights by god's hands
All that water to the face
Homies fall hard its true statement
Got them tour dreams i left lazy
Homies take cop outs and lose ladies
I'll remember whose hating
Write them notes down and replay em
Rip these songs out a beast made me
Got them A's on
I lost ambience
Haters fold
And gave me soul
While i'm one these roads
I write these quotes and close the door
Boy they gave me more
I can't control
I'm in this zone
They can tell this the way we go
Here the angels go
Hear the way they sing these lovely notes

[Verse 2]
This might not be the best of me
Miss my Gramps may he rest in peace
Told me be the best of me
And love my girl like he loved granny
This won't be the death of me
I promise lord that i will be
The hardest art that'll hit these streets
I drop my songs and roast these beats
Give me gas as we drive these roads
Give me lanes as i change on go
Little bit of heart all in these songs
Bout to change this world
Man i'll go so hard
Man i get this paper
And i'll be so me
Man i'm in my zone
You would think so long
That i won't be free
That i won't be free
Get a case of the freshness
And a case of the dopeness
Take a pill you would catch that closely
Growing a bit each morning
Take her a rose and i'll show her the most of em
Did it i get it we showed often
Angels will tell me you grow off em
And then they will sing with the voice offer
And then they will sing with the voice offer

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