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"Who They"

[Hook: Devvon Terrell]
All you telling lies all your whole life
Saying that you rich and live a poor life
Heard you have it all, when you brought it up
You say, we them boys, I'm like, who y'all?
I'm asking all around and they like, who they?
Your team is looking quiet, we like, who they?
Keep it moving, keep it real, can, can we do that?
Who that? All we say is who that?

[Verse 1: Devvon Terrell]
Fronting and lying 'bout things that never really happening
Say that you real, I been pictured but really that’s just Instagram
All of these n***as the same and my timeline is flooded with them
Time to go crazy and snap on these n***as for doing this sh*t
You a lie, n***a why you lie?
Talking 'bout a bunch of b*t*hes sitting in the ride
Courtside T, sucka n***a know LeBron
If you really know him let me see you call him up, nevermind
I ain't gotta lie to the world, everything you see that's me
All my n***as around me, show you what they see
Real n***as know where the real lie, never really crossed my mind
Eight n***as gon' be mad, lie to you all the time, I believe that
Most of these n***as is chasing the life that they never will have
You thinking that we are not seeing right through you
My n***a, you gas
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