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Fat Pat

"Why They Hatin' Us"

Tell me why they playa hate
Steady talkin down cause I'm playa made
Just because I'm playa made
Makin all ya hoes sing my serenade

[Double D]
Now tell me why you wanna hate me
Am I ur enemy playin close
Tryna take what you like most?
Or do I say the wrong things when we be chillin'
I got a funny feelin' you trippin' ova dat bitch dat we was drillin'
I knew dat she would go my niggas told me so
I got proof to show cause I was fuckin' dat hoe
And ain't no tellin' who else was knockin' boots when I left
But I ain't worried about dat cause I got bitches and wealth
You got the same theng you got the same game
Niggas gotta maintain and let ya motherfuckin nuts hang
You bringin plex like a thief in the night
Ova 5 dollar bitches now you know dat ain't riight

[Chorus] - repeat 2x

[Fat Pat]
They hatin us why they do us like dat
Because we players may take hoes and hold nothin back
You lovin deez hoes I'm burnin off on my 4's
Sippin' my clo' just got head now you know
10 toes get up or conduct dis pimp
Wit the long-stroke ain't no hoe ya gal peep she's broke
By dis Texas playa who girls try to get me there
Look at dat girl starin' at me ova dere
Wit dat nigga
But I don't bare dem peepin'
Gon by pass my number and keep on creepin'
But she seekin'
I know when she cum
But from the looks of it she just love the way suga daddy ball

[Chorus] - repeat 2x

[Fat Pat]
You shouldn't feel the way you feel about us players we true
Dress code stay throwed in everytheng dat we do
Floss, ballin big mackin paper stackin at all times
All notes and I quote you'll go broke behind hoes
Eyes get froze when the big playa hit the scene
Rollin' and somethin you only thought about havin' up n ya dreams
And it seems to be the lil' plex and animosity
And the baddest broad in the eva chose me the P.A.T
But don't broke against me check the broad not the pimp
That's the way I was raised but fuck dem hoes I'm all about gettin' paid
They come a dime or dozen
While you was trippin' ova dat other broad I was knowin down her cousin
And another and another
Phone line steady buzzin
Thought I wasn't the mack of the year now you wrong
If you dat crazy bout dat broad you betta keep her at home
Cause she'll get gon when she hit my zone
It's on it's on

[Chorus] - repeat until the end

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