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Waka Flocka Flame

"Shawt Bus Reloaded"

Be your own boss entertainment

[Hook: Soulja Boy]
Shawt bus shawty! Shawt bus shawty!
Shawt Shawt Shawt Shawt Shawt Bus Shawty

[Verse 1 - Rick Ross]
I think I'm Beetlejuice, Lil Darryl
What's under my shirt? I think a barrel
DJ Khaled tell em: "we the best!"
I just found a donut under my breast
I'mma tell you something and don't think that I'm weird
I eat leftover food that gets stuck in my beard
Powdered doughnuts, leftover chili
Sit in back of the bus and make it pop a wheelie

My shawt bus baby put her nails in my back
I wear a fitted helmet when I ride my bike
She got a good vocabulary and that's what I lack
When I shower dogg, I wear a shower cap
When I go to sleep, I sleep with my hat
When I go on Face Time you see my body because my height


[Verse 2 - Gucci Mane]
Gucci swag stupid, stupid is Gucci
Thought I had to fart but I really had to dookie
Open up my mouth to show off my gold teeth
Big gut shawty look I'm carrying a fetus
Shawt Bus Shawty money got my pockets on Cletus
Pull out a red crayon & I'mma eat it!
Burr! Burr!

[OJ da Juiceman]
Shawt Bus funny
Remix crazy, get me in the kitchen dawg
Serving all the babies
Ate some bad squirrel meat then I got rabies
I just flipped a chicken dogg
Served it up with gravy
OJ da Juiceman, living in the trap dawg
Don't give Christmas presents dawg
Cause I can't wrap dogg
OJ da Juiceman celebrate Hanukkah
Everytime I rap dogg, they be like "huh, n*gga?"


[Verse 3 - Nicki Minaj]
I got Louis and a ski mask
They call me Lewinski
Cause I blow Bills on that Prada and that Fendi
Even though my name is Nicki
Bada bada bacon Ricki
I'm about to blow - Wendy!

[Wacka Flocka Flame]
Brick Squad!
One, two, three, four, five, seven, eight
Waka mile in my shoes
Waka old lady to her car
While she's using her Waka
Waka way from strangers
Wakalot to get exercise
Waka flocka Flame!

[Lil Wayne]
Like I stole your dictionary and took off, yeah
I got away with words
Now look y'all
I am music, you can not play me though
I am music, you should call me radio
Retarded and the hardest
You softer than a baby hug
Say I ain't the best
You more confused than a boy ladybug

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