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[Intro: Josh Man]
Josh Man, Z. Hall
Luke White on the beat

[Verse 1: Josh Man]
A while back, had a little bit of trouble going
I was messed up, lived my life not knowing
Whether things would get better, whether it'd stop snowing
Well really all those hardships helped me start to get growing
So all that time I tried to learn a bit more about myself
Because I heard that knowledge is the best type of wealth
A lot of people telling me that I have changed, yeah
Like I'm doing all of this to stay the same, yeah
The problems, the pressure's getting to me already
Don't know whether I wanted love or just wanted some fetti
My knees shaking, my arms just turned into spaghetti
Knuckles white like a ghost, aye, shout out to Betty
But I'm good, yeah I'm good, least I think so
Will this loneliness stop? I just don't know
But there's one thing that I do know
One thing that I know I am here for

[Hook: Josh Man]
I'm tired man, I'm tired
Yeah, I said I'm tired man, I'm tired
But when the soul cry out, "Just let me free"
"It's hard out there, just let me be"
The flesh weak, but the spirit willing
Said the flesh weak, but the spirit willing
So with that in mind, yeah
Let's break through the ceiling

[Verse 2: FORREST]
Aye Josh Man!
Thanks for the feature man!
Every day is a struggle and it seems like everywhere I go
It's like I run into trouble
I don't know what to do, where to turn, where to go, what to say
'Cause all my homies on the corner selling dope
And the depression killing me, it's like I lost a part of me
My papa never wanted me, my mama wanted ecstasy
Man, it feel like ain't nobody love me
Went to school, they called me ugly
On the bus, they used to jump me, so I started
Popping bottles, dropping Molly, stealing commas
Popping pills, smoking dope, doing no good, that's fo' sho
But why me? What did I do to deserve this?
Nowadays life is so hard, it seems like I ain't got a purpose
Now it's like there's a hole in my soul
I been running, I been searching, I don't know where to go
Lord, pick up the phone, haven't heard from You for so long
Direct my path, guide my feet, show me right and wrong

[Outro: FORREST]
Please, I'm tired
Are you there? Can you hear me?

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