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"This Will Not End Well"

Mother-daughter banquet
At the Bethel Baptist Church
You forgot her
That was bad, but I did something worse
Bitter memories will lessen as you live
“Bygones are bygones,” she says as she forgives
But I can tell this will not end well

I beg your pardon
If what I’ve done has thrown you off your course
It’s kindergarten
And you’re jumping on a dead and bloated horse
Teacher tells you she’ll snatch you from your shoes
You think about it
And the answer that you chose is “Go to hell”
This will not end well

If it’s now or never
Never is the one that’s gonna win
Then there’s forever
We’re waiting on forever to begin
Our days are numbered
And the hour is drawing near
Call me a killjoy
But I don’t think I hear those wedding bells
This will not end well
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