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Biz Markie

"The Cypher: Part 3"

I don't care who's first or who's last
But I know that y'all better just drop this
At the dro-dro-drop of a dime ba-----baby

Crai-Crai-Craig G light up the mic
Craig G light up the mic
Craig G light up the mic for The Symphony

[Verse One: Craig G]
Ahh, Politics & Bullshit got me hectic
Let me show y'all new rappers how to do a posse record
Craig G-I, with the Frankie C
U-T-L-A-Double-S, MC's get trouble
Best I flow with the the swiftness, never
However new MC's pulled the lever, my style's much better
Anyone can be a victim
Empty tracks I lick sick em
I flip em rip em and strip em of all of they pride
As I slide, in out of these states I stay great
What the G stand for, I'm slammin you and your
Whole staff, style, split an atom in half
East Coast, West Coast, don't make me laugh!
The whole America feels my wrath, ahh!
It's like a terrier was on that ass, ahh, yeah!
Cause nine-six ain't about jack shit
Fuck Versace, I'm like Rocky when I'm bustin' your lip
Bust these metaphors, for better or worse
My style burst
Your grill into itty-bitty pieces
As I release, my thesis
Uhh, Craig G, I believe that's me
Ninetenn-eighty-five til infinity, ahhh

Sha-sha, sha-sha, sha-sha, sha-sha
Shanté! The baddest around

[Verse Two: Roxanne Shanté]
Hey yo, you're lost in the sauce, bitches still remain
Useless, but when I reign bitches can't sustain
The drama, word to momma, bitch I leave you leakin'
Roxanne Shanté stay creepin'
You sleepin' but I stay armed, and dangerous
No matter what your name is, bitch I make you famous
A lot of bitches swear shit's sweet
But when I creep I'mma lace you from your head to your fuckin' feet
Frankie Cutlass put me on so I'm back again
Ain't nothin changed it's still the same
Ain't no smilin' friend
I remember eighty-seven, eighty-eight
I was the only one gettin' weight from upstate
Gettin cake, Juice Crew All-Stars was my boys
Runnin round town baby makin' mad noise
Backtrack turn back the page
Live on stage, wreckin' niggas at a early age
I was only fifteen thinkin' big time
At the time blind, all my eyes saw was gold mine
So all you fake Cristal sippin' bitches
Here's a thirty-eight bitch, click it!
I didn't think so...

I be the Biz Markie
I be the Biz Markie
Biz Markie, aoooowwwwwww!

[Verse Three: Biz Markie]
Hey hey hey, I'm the eMmmaZah-A
I don't have a big mouth, just a lot to say
So listen to my rhythm and rap display, OK
I rock the mic to the T-O-P
And every record that I make, I make history
Like a-oh-oh-oh, WHA-OHH! ah-one two
Is some of the things that I used to do, but
Right about now I got a different flow
I rock from New York City to Mexico
From England, Australia, back to Japan
They know I'm Mista Magic Cool with the mic in my hand
So, you know I got more rhymes than Muhammad Ali
That's why my name rings bells internationally
Never neglected well protected as an MC yet
I'm, super duper with the rhymes I invent
Big Daddy Kane, you know you're part of the staff
Get on the mic, get on the mic god damnit
Get on the mic on my behallllllllllllllllllllf, waaoooowowwww!!

The-the-the name Kane is superior to many people

[Verse Four: Big Daddy Kane]
Tell me what you see, and uhh, vectorize
When you, check your eyes, baby, recognize, it's the
Rawest chump to make the verse in the chorus bump
With rhymes skills to be retarded like Forrest Gump
Now feel the pain runnin' through your chest area
Thoughts of the attack it got you fearin' the
Bodily abuse, that you phony niggas makin' me produce
Warfare put to use, fuck all that, just turn me loose
Huh, and this is for those who don't know the half
I want to see just how well you know your math
Now, in case a nigga want to get out of line
Just tell me how many times does sixteen go into nine
See, a lot of you rappers like to front as if you're ruthless
But, when I'm around you make all kind of excuses
Like, "I just remembered, yo, my niece need diapers kid
Plus I got homework, bible-study, all types of shit"
Boo-yaka, any fuckin' tune to ya
King Asiatic, tell me what we gonna do wit ya
One more thing, the next example one of you niggas is bout to be it
Now close your eyes tight cause trust me you don't want to see it

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