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Hussein Fatal


*AirplaneTaking off *
Uh no, everyday in every way

[Verse one]
Gettin' paid, never caught in a raid
You get sprayed, prayed over and laid down
Pump wit the pound, how that sound ?
Death befo dishonor, it's pretty much
The studio sound, wit the city touch
I put dimes on ya, commit crime on ya
When I get the drop, you got my shines on ya
In debt to Yak, so I never get shot
And this shit so hot, watch it resurrect 'pac
I got more weight, than some niggas out of state
And I just hate, when fake ?unknown?
On my dick, chillin' wit the bitch I ate
Tradin' my thirty-eight, for a fresh nickel plate
It's a shotty thang, blowin' ya hood wit mighty bang
Wit the outlaws thugs, in the clubs, where hotties hang
I know you know, give it up son, slow ya roll
I throw'em slow, they gonna be the next flow

I bring it to yall, and never know yall
When ya flip this shit, get thick
The hollow points, run through ya
This outlaw clout, got them thuggs odin'
The slugs go seein', you cowards supposed to be in
The whole shit, bring ya bold click
I got a whole clip, I fold chips
And blast, to leave ya sould rip
Money over bitches, til my casket drop
I'm reservin' all you niggas, since I mashed with 'pac

[Verse two]
Thugged out the don, Hussein Sadaam
It's all about the Benjies, why get friendly
It's semi, nasty new, more then very, blast ya crew
More to bury, nigga what
The dog in this, dog in this, what's the prob
My outlaw thugs, on a mission to rob
Everyday, problems gettin' sloved kinda critical
It's pitiful, all this shit political
You wanna be a playa?
Let me show ya how
You wanna be a thug?
Change ya style, blaw !
Walk pass ya ass, wit the house of ditty-ness
When ya blast I laugh, like oh my god, did he miss ?
Cuz, yall kids fold cold, in all biz
Get money off small shit, hands off the ruff roll wit
It so simple, we can kick it, but gettin no info
Coincidentally, you droppin wit foes simple


Everyday, ahhha, ahhha, everyday..
And everyway, ohhhhhhhhh, ohhh !
Everynight, said I'm tryin' to do whats right
Ahhhhhhh, oohhhhhh..

[Verse three]
Wild and calm bring ya like ?unkown?
On ya fake soldiers, you know the time
Shine on ya like a rollie, you can't hold me
Number one parolly, catchin' hits like a goalie
Jump from Jeerz, while New York gettin' money
In a E-three-twenty, wit a down to die honey
Me fall off?, naw never in a millon years
Hold ya tears, put ya hands on the ceilin'
Cross ya over boss, and toss you off course
Bow down ya lost, Yak n Fatal tryna' floss
Do ya real dirty, when playas bein' tryin' to serve me
Throw the skirts in the air, give it up to Jersey
U got mo you betta sip it, for the rowdy niggas get cha
And hit cha, wit some shit ya peoples can't even picture
A thug in the club, with a caliber snub
I know you hate to throw it up, but do it out of ya love


[Singer]- everyday and every way
Haayyyyyyy ahhhhhh yaaaa oh oh no
[Backround]- Everynight(hold note)
[Singer]- every every night, let me hear ya say
[Backround]- Everyday(hold note)
[Singer]-Every day and in every way, yeahhhhhha
[Backround]- Everynight(hold note)
[Singer]- Everynight, said I'm tryin' to do whats right
Said I'm tryin' to do whats right
[Backround]- Everyday(hold note)
[Singer]- everyday and every way yeahhhhhhhhha
[Backround]- Everynight(hold note)
[Singer]- Tryin to do whats right, can you feel me
Can you hear me, hear me say
[Backround]- Everyday(hold note)
[Singer]- Everyday(hold note)

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