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"Never Done"

(Verse One - Jay Goodvibez)
Im  a freeman give me an extra organ im morgan
Never  going back broke no coming from the underground with these bars
Two steps murder this beat dead man kane undertaker smooth it through yeah the next operator
Got that sting ray stuck around in this rap sh*t never delay
Shaking  the world like a earthquake fiasco bankroll joe
The  underrated prince didn't even get crown yet electromagnetic radiation so static

(Verse Two - Jay Goodvibez)
This  is Bankroll gang night gotta take flight look at us making ourselves better a different sight
Go to war for my family and bankroll over everything yeah
Mob all bankroll ain’t gone lie ain't gone quote not gone sugar code
I seen pain in my peoples eyes battle cry now we gone make it
Got  chills we dying to live got them depending on me

(Verse Three - Jay Goodvibez)
Spitting magical legit bars idyllic im not drake not j cole put more spirt with some kendrick in it
Making signals like the metro see me with a device pcs breaking barriers in shadows ground hog get a dialogue
Never been a b*tch drawn out list litany face it just basic
Tryna have a three some with money and success

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