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Paul Wall


[Verse 1]
Half you rapping ass niggas ain't never hit a lick
Other half of you niggas ain't never seen a brick
More than half of you niggas tattletale might snitch
I'ma take a half bounce it back to sixteen zips
Going back and forth to Cali that's sixteen trips
For the sixteen I'ma get them sixteen shifts
Sipping drank by the Cruiser that's sixteen shifts
I was sixteen with a M-16 bitch
Still see the same niggas that I shot
Still see a couple plugs that I robbed (Scary nigga)
Have a nigga see my face get shot
The other half see my face and start to run
A lot of niggas play the sideline mascot cheerleader
Pom-poms never get involved
Telling everybody mama what they seen or saw
Type of cluck ass nigga sell dope to a law
Suspect ass nigga get jammed tell it all
I'm the type to use the Glock cause it don't jam at all
Strapped up in the trap smoking dope paranoia
Acting like he want packs but he work for the boys
Got a move low-key snitch niggas stay scheming (Snitch)
Pussy nigga signed a plea agreement (Fuck nigga)
Pull up on 'em thirty coppers squeezing (There he go)
Till it *click click* pussy stopped breathing
5.56 NATO round bullets he see em'
Put his brains in his lap let him see what he was thinking
Put his feet in cement and then we throw him over deep end
What the fuck this nigga thinking? Now his mama at the deacon
Thirty young dirty bastards get to blasting no thinking
Shoot the shit up with the Magnum causing havoc no blinking
Fuck nigga play mine I'll find where you reside
Put your mind on the blinds I'll [?]
Thirty choppers thirty crash dummies strapped
See them thirty crash dummies where you at?
My young shooters don't play
Thirty hollows with his brain in his lap
Nigga bought a vest I'm shooting at your cap
Fuck nigga I don't play
More rounds than a heavyweight fight
I ain't boxing you can fight these pipes
Shoot a nigga in the face
When I catch I'ma shoot him on sight
Like Rico did Calvin at the light
Fuck nigga ain't safe
Thirty choppers
Play if ya' wanna
Pull up on ya'
At yo' casa
Like "Where yo' mama?"
Lot of drama
Tecs and llamas
Like fuck yo' honor
My persona
Ah that's my persona
That's my persona
My persona
That's my persona
That's my persona
My persona
That's my persona

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