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Paul Wall

"Slab Crusher"

[Intro: Pimp C]
With your fun ass cars and your funny ass houses, nigga
We down here having thangs, nigga cost a living good down here in Texas. Nigga I been driving Cadillac since I've been 15 years old bitch. Get your mind on your shit, you can have some too. You gotta come down here and buy you some bitch

[Hook: Pimp C](x2)
Slab crusher , dome buster
Promethazine mixed with the tussa
We call it banana split
Choose a pimp ho I'm legit

[Verse 1: BeatKing]
Dome buster, slab crusher
My money come fast your cash [?]
2 15's my slab bumpin'
Your baby mama I ass fucked her
Only bad hoes stand near me
They get wet of my adlibing
My trunk sound like a band in it
Mix that purple with the sprite cranberry
Fuck nigga it's C3
I'm fucking hoes on TV
I got paper I got haters
Strip club [?] I should not repeat
Northside where the G's be
Studewood bitch I rep that H
Let's set that straight, slab crusher
Ho Club God on my fucking plates
Got six screens like '98
Watch TV with my trunk lean
During the week they show pornos
On Sunday they show Joel Osten
[?] 20 degrees
Keep my mind on my motherfucking cheese
Keep a bad yella bitch on her knees
Keep my name out your mouth like a sneeze


[Verse 2: Gangsta Boo]
I party with them white folks
I party with them high folks
All my niggas on P-Funk
All my niggas smoke blunts
Y'all don't know how I rock P
Free my brother Eric man
Doing it big in Mississippi cause a nigga had snitched man
Banana splits with your bitch
Make the ho do alotta tricks
Smoking on some cali weed, I'm the gangsta yes indeed
Ridin' up that fucking slab
Alley town tryna get my cash
Business over bull shit
Gotta keep money over thick
One time for the real ones
Two times for them fake hoes
Three times for them motherfuckers who be about they pesos
I do this shit for them country buckets
I do this shit for them southern folks
I do this shit for them overalls and strawhats and them old folks


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