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Aight, let´s do this

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I walk into my house, so dang quiet
Sounded like a square day [?]
Shouted to my mother, but didn't hear a thing
Not even a bother
Began to stress out, she should be home an hour ago, the first time and it's [?] i don't know
After twenty minutes I was really stressed out
Walked up stairs hoping that she didn't hear me shout
Heard my father crying, in another room
Found 'em sitting on the cold floor, feared foor doom
Wrist caught open, half chocking, called 9/11 before he had even spoken
Twenty minutes later the ambulance arrived
At the same time he had almost f*cking died
Had to put him in a bath of cold water
Throwing water at his face, my body getting hotter
I took my father to the hospital for ten days
When he was [?] i had the biggest smile on my face
I saved my dad from, something momma said
She was raging on him, he became real sad
Tried to cut his wrist, but i came in time
Saved my father right? wouldn't be a crime
He came home one day, hugging everyone
After me, he should be done
But no, she looked at me with all this rage
He screamed at me ''You should have let me go!''
But I saved him right? ''No!''
Must be joking, like he always does
But sh*t, this seems to be another lie
He didn't talk to me, felt like I should die
Got real depressed, thoughts of suicide
Never dared to do it, but after [?]
At the bridge I was, wanting to jump off
Overthought my life, was it just a bluff?
Became depressed again, very sad again
Every night feeling like a sociopath
Now i'm feeling better, got the best girlfriend!
Always with me when, life, sucks! (Yeah)
Makes me laugh, at the weirdest moments
Isn't only my girlfriend, but also my bromance

So broken, still hopin'
So broken, still hopin' (Yeah)
So broken, so broken, so broken, still hopin' (Yeah)
Yeah, Yeah

(Windows pop-up sound)

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