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Hayley Williams


It’s not important what happens around us
Or even to us
The important thing is what happens in us

Pictures on the wall I take down
But there’s no frown on my face
It’s just good to know that your breakdown
Has been put in its right place

Criticized my mistakes
While you dug your own grave, oh
Singing songs about our friends
You never cared about them

So long, so long
And thanks for nothing
I’m gone, I’m moving on
Watch my resurrection
Watch my resurrection

The knife you stuck in my back
It couldn’t cut through my spine
You’re a self-proclaimed fiction author
But I learned to read between the lines



There’s no tricks up your sleeve that we haven’t seen
Every word from your mouth never had meaning
Your agenda exposed easily every single time
You wanna play with fire, well, I will burn you down


Therefore we will not lose heart
Turn this around
Live a new day
These troubled times
Awoke my strength
So watch my
Watch my resurrection

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