Indestructible lyrics

Edward Elgar

I close my eyes

[Verse 1]
All my life
Been indestructible, I've never know why
Oh, I tell you no lies
Indestructible, I'm never gon' die
My dignity was taken from me
And I cried, I cried
Been beaten up and brought down to my knees
But survived, I survived

Undefeated, defeated by nothing
Undefeated, running and running
Undefeated, but still, I keep coming

Indestructible all of my life
Indestructible all of my life

I close my eyes

[Verse 2]
Tell me I'm wrong
I'm indestructible, I'll come to no harm
Oh, tell me 'bout you
You're indestructible, but fragile, too
I've only been what I wanted to be
What's the crime? What's the crime?
Did my best, didn't always succeed
But I tried, I tried

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