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NB Ridaz

"My Side of Town"

[Baby Beesh]
I super size my fries, f**k b*t*hes two at a time
Pistol whipping punk fools when they step out of line
Its going down (uh-huh)
Yall mutherf**kers should've known
Its cyber space pimping, micro chips and capones
The static can't get up on it, untamed I'm a gorilla
A grain grippa, with the pocket full of killa
Get rid of the evidence they looking for finger prints
Situation getting tense, so quick I hop a fence
Mexican, acrobatics with oozies and automatics
We don't gotta be grabbing so, beware we bringing static
All gas no brake, sipping on muddy grape
Baby Bash finna smash in the lone star state

We don't wanna pull it hardcore
Players in the south
We spitting that lyrics staright out of me mouth
And if you not ready n***a get the f**k out
I'm a bring it hard to your peeps no doubt
With my fourty four, or my mack or my nina
Got my pretty b*t*hes chilling up in Pasadena
Another one, (whoo) chilling up in D-town
When I first started rapping yeah she help me get around
I keep entertaining while I'm stacking my cheddas
Roll with Baby Beesh, DFO and Twin Beradaz (Uh-Huh)
Let them n***as tell us where you really wanna meet us
We gone take you down, if you like don't believe us
For Real!
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