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Lord of the Mics


[Hook: Dapz On The Map]
Who's running our city?
Who's got the ting pon lock right now in our city
We know we know
And who's repping our city?
Who talks the talk and who walks the walk in our city
We know we knooow
What about them?
If you're feeling froggy then leap
If you're feeling froggy then leeeaaaap

[Verse 1: Jaykae]
They never expected this what the bossman is back
I was chilling for a bit now I've got to react
I got fans telling me they was locked with my dad
It's time to go in now, not to relax
I think breaktime's over
Damm right, I felt froggy so I got on the track
It's time to throw down couple crops in the flats
Smoking weed in the back of the whip with the windows down so I'm covered in ash
Thanking god I'm not one of those kids who was held back in life just because of his past
Can you imagine that? I must be going mad in fact
The grime scene's over here right now and I'll let them know when they can have it back
I got 300,000 views in a month
Can't tell me sh*t, man, I do what I want
Miss passing my n***a twos on a blunt
When Depzman died, I realised who was a c**t
2Real, do you want to leap,? Do you want to jump?
Right now I'm with music-man but I still show man what to do with a pump
Trust me don't say a word
Jaykae's spoken I hope that you're bird
Don't lie about things if you know they occurred
Cah we don't respect that sh*t
If I ain't with my fam then I'm with my fam
Just know that I can't be stopped
Them man are praying for fame and fortune while I'm just praying I don't get locked
You know like that

[Hook: Dapz On The Map]

[Verse 2: Dapz On The Map]
They never expected this like a black man driving a black cab
I'm in the driving seat they're at the back fam
I've got my city on my back fam
It planned out never planned it
Man stand out by being outstanding
Woah, I'm living the brum life i'm on grime from sundown to sunrise
So don't say a word
I had my old girl stressing my new girl I had to have a word
The word's getting round that man are getting round so i get what i want out of a word
Put Dapz On The Map on a verse since I rap like I slowed down the track when I spat
Man run the road
About being 'road'
The only thing you're running is laps
Me and my n***as be the public figures that win
Run the town without having to sprint
I treat every day like the 29th of Feb
Brum town celeb
I write tunes while others write tweets
I dream big while others just sleep
If I feel froggy then I leap like Kermit the frog, ribbit
Still got some of that '09 spirit
Just more calm and calculated with it
I'll spin an MC, then have the DJ spin it
Then spin it back
If i ain't with my brothers then i'm with my brothers
Everyone's got everyone's back
Them man are dying to know how we're living
Hating how everyone's loving off man
You know like that


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