Yikes lyrics


Yeah, I'm f**kin', I don't give a sh*t
If I did I probably would've killed myself by now, serious
Ayy, ayy

I could be like demons too, but I'm physical like abuse
I could beat ya f**kin' head in with a tooley, like a tool
I don't want nothing to do, I don't want nothing to do
Just the f**kin' thought of you
I'm gon' throw you across the room, yikes
Take another L in for the week, f**k a talk
Beat a b*t*h until she never f**kin' speaks, with a tweak
Anyway, double deckin' with the mental never helpin'
Never ever gonna take it, not again, you'll know the pressure
Hand over neck, you like chokin', ayy
Forcing my d**k in the open, ayy
Ever felt rape in the morning, ayy?
If not, okay, then I show ya, ayy
Feeling— feeling my rage as I stroke it, ayy
I don't say f**k, I say pokin', ayy
I see the tears on her gorgeous face
Feelin' like I'm in a morgue and, ayy
Savin' my money like mortgage, ayy
No spending on an abortion, ayy
I'm close to finish, I floor it, ayy
Fakin' smiles, I adore it, ayy
f**k all that cuddlin' obviously
Couple a gropes then I'm off to the seas
Nothin' to say, you a toy that I squeeze
Only a b*t*h that I use when I'm free
If there's a problem you talk to my d**k
Kiss it hello while you gouging the p*ss
Wastin' my time, I'ma double my chips
Try to come at me, my knee is a fist

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