XQV lyrics


[Verse: Evil n***a]
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah
I got you, you f**k
I got you, f**k, f**k
I'm finna f**k your ass, ho
Yeah, I'm finna f**k your life up
Motherf**ker, what do you want?
b*t*h, I'll break their ears
All of a sudden motherf**kers drop
Beat it up just like the f**king crack
Stupid ass n***a, what the f**k you want?
Taking all your clout and all that sh*t
f**king him up for the fun of it
Yeah, I am deranged, b*t*h (Ayy)
f**k, I'm finna float from the ceiling (Ayy)
What in the f**k did you say? (Ayy)
Look at this f**ker in the face (Ayy)
You can't even look at my face (Ayy)
You can't even look at my face (Ayy)
What do you think I should do? (Ayy)
b*t*h, I'm not one to stop (Ayy)
Yeah, ah, I'm so f**kin' sick of all this sh*t
Whatchu thinkin'?
And you's a joke, wanna "Hah," b*t*h? I'm laughin' too (Woo)
If I had a f**kin' sense I'd use it, too
I don't give no f**ks, I'll erase you, b*t*h (Right now I'm talking)
I don't even want your tweets, yeah, you stupid (Ayy)
Never again, b*t*h (Yeah)
b*t*h, I'm insane, b*t*h, I'm a Hellhorse
b*t*h, I'm in hell again
b*t*h, I'm in hell again, f**k
Devil? Useless motherf**ker, what you tryna do to me?
What you tryna do to me?
Nothing new, jealousy, run your motherf**king sh*t
Dummy n***a, load a f**king clip
Looking at me like a stupid b*t*h
Talking to me like a silly b*t*h
And like what you gon' do?
You ain't gon' do any sh*t to me
You ain't gon' do a damn thing
You are not gon' do a damn thing
You are not gon' do a damn thing
I finna take your clout
Stupid b*t*h, you don't need it
Finna take it, you don't need it
I'm finna take it when they know I'ma fiend like a b*t*h
Cop it, n***a, I'm rootin', know you poppin' n***a
A coffin, n***a, I'm a rootin' on your coffin, b*t*h
Stupid ass n***a

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