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"State Of The Art"

[Verse 1: Cee]

Man, what happened to music? Dog it ain't the same as it used to
Be, and the soul squeezed out so there's no meaning now, a shame and it's stupid
That something so real lost authenticity, pauses sh*tting me, chorus jittery
Honest, see they steez, common sh*tty beats, robot singing? Please, dog you're kidding me
Uh, where the creativity? I'm just spittin' B, Nosh stay hittin' keys
Switch on, this'll be, three A triple, Cee, Fam stay killin' beats, soul stay in us, believe

[Verse 2: Notion]

It's like the airwaves bleed dog, the selling garbage to us like it never seemed wrong
Play the same 14 songs 4 times a day, it's bullsh*t, but they call 'em the theme song
Or the anthem, (yo) but if you ask me, it's a distraction
Dumbing down lyrics, spittin' subliminal messages so you can't hear it, gross images to gauge a reaction
Pop tracks, non-sensical bullsh*t, a pure formula, leave the audience clueless
But stick with me, I'll bring some fresh & some new-ness, Nosh, Cee, TMF, on some new sh*t.. uh…

[Verse: Gotye}

When the Cotillion arrived
We threw out the television
Model D 575
Has custom flute presets
And Harmony-Plus in addition

Now for an arm and a leg
We get three half-dozen beats to choose from
So now we can pretend
That there's an orchestra in the loungeroom

[Verse 3: Cee]

OK, yeah, and it is that simple, long before MySpace hits dude
M-Box, Pro-Tools, laptop vocals, T-Pain, autotune, it's a new world

[Verse 4: Notion]

Accessible mobile studios, you can be "pro" even though you a newbie tho
Drop it on TuneCore, surrounded by groupie hoes, digital, welcome to the new world, aahhh!

[Verse: Gotye]

I put the Genie Bass on
So my left hand can play the choir
With 16ft Diapason
And Lowrey's patented Orchestral Symphonizer

Banjo's great on repeat
The kids want to play but they'll have to be patient
The wife can't help tapping her feet
It's a genuine home entertainment revelation

[Hook: Gotye]

State, state, state, state of the art
(State of the art)
(Hold the phone, it's so)
State, state, state, state of the art
(Listen to the difference!)
State, state, state, state of the art
(By use of a computer)
(Oh my God, it's so)
State, state, state, state of the art

[Verse 5: Cee]

Oh fantastic, everyone I know's a producer, a rapper, the next grand master
Arrogant b*st*rds that never puttin' in real work but a tweet, they a spammer
This damn state of the art done made it too easy for 'em, they don't appreciate the hustle
Removed all the barriers to entry, now all we seeing is some Weezy clones, it's boring

[Verse 6: Notion]

Everybody got a Mac now, WWE'in' the booth, laying smack down
They on E or on crack now, & you pressed a couple buttons & you happy with your wack sound
So you call that a track now? Wearing two chains dog, and you sport a red rag now?
It's TMF in this b*t*h, & I paint you the picture, read you the scriptures, so back down


[Verse: Gotye]

Now we don't want to go out
When we could spend the night at home with the Cotillion
Invite the neighbours around
Start the bossanova beat and limbo from the living to the kitchen

Enjoy the state of the art
The Magic Swing Piano really is astounding
Now we can't tell them apart
But these amazing simulations end up sounding even better than the real thing

[Hook: Gotye]

State, state, state, state of the art
(State of the art)
(Hold the phone, it's so)
State, state, state, state of the art
(Computer controlled tone colour)
State, state, state, state of the art
(The marriage of music to computers is quite natural)
(Oh my God, it's so)
State, state, state, state of the art
(It is time to hear the results)

[Verse 7: Cee]

So this is how it sounds when it's done right, some of y'all need to take some notes and sh*t
And if you finna get down with us one time, ya better hit us with the goods or choke a d**k

[Gotye] Hold the phone, it's so

[Verse 8: Notion]

Sounds smooth in your ear when we make a hit, when you roll a doob quick, and you take a hit
Yo we got big dreams, & we chasin' it, TMF worldwide, just raise your fist

[Verse 9: Cee]

Yeah, all we want is y'all to vibe to it, overstand and feel what we saying when we rhyme to it
We just tryina to bring the real through live music, oh my god, it's on

[Gotye] Oh my god, it's so

[Verse 10: Notion]

Yeah, like it was from the get-go, me and Cee two of a kind, like an echo
It's plain from the heart, with this state of the art, gonna make a new start, never tearing apart nope!

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