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Let me take you to a place
Where you can feel the sun underneath my waist

Would that be satisfying [x4]

[Verse 1]
To take a real vacation
This year it's been crazy life changes
The April niece had twin babies
Francis feels great when through 20 years quick
I swear yesterday we were just little kids
We had rolled on your first J’s trying to make our first player
My mother put in some dollars for the overnight stay
I couldn't see this world through a VGSA tape
Remember everyday take a picture with a vision
Once you in it I need a medal from this tour
Going through a wall from the ceiling to the floor
Master P dog I really miss your army
Brought some tears into my clothes
The realest verse i wrote
I write it out i got it now
Now i gotta put another fire out
This is the sh*t i ask God about
I’m a go ahead and write it down


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