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Krayzie Bone

"Thugga Level"

[Verse 1: Boss]
Big ballin b*tch like Boss come thru like it ain't no thang
Paper chase, hustlin nothin changed
Ask me again I'll tell you the same
Don't hustle the fame n*gga, most of the game
Put it down in the street for mine
24/7, stayin on the grind
For days and days I shell at the cops
Enough grenades to get at the block
I'm a drug smuggler
Part b*tch, part thug, part hustla
You lift my crib and I'm touchin ya
No love for ya, draw blood from ya
Cause a n*gga like you dreamin to Boss
And you fiendin to floss, and who pounds is flown
We're bustin motherf*ckas with the black game
Holdin them fiends and lovin my crack, in the front got bud in the back
Who can get more thugga than that?
From hookers and jacks, put the house up, b*tch
I'm bustin the gat

Y'all n*ggas always testing, gonna make me pull this weson

If money ain't the answer rephrase the question, dawg

Big Boss and Krayzie Bone is...

[Verse 2: Boss]
Runnin up in your town with an uncountable amount of numbers of mongols
Y'all mad we the real number owners
Rollin like big, Thugline nothin but runners
Trouble Boss, a double cross
A n*gga named Krray they good as dead
From the b-o-double, doin double time
And these tricks comin up to bread

[Chorus: repeat 2x]
We on some thugga sh*t
We on some other sh*t that you ain't f*ckin with
The thuggin don't stop
And you can't touch the clique
You know you love this sh*t
Take it to what we spit
The thuggin don't stop

[Verse 3: Krayzie]
I heard a silent motherf*cka creepin up from behind ya
Bet ya didn't think that I'd find ya, huh?
With a nine or pump (pump, pump, pump) your sh*t'll be f*cked
And I ain't even popped the goddamn trunk (trunk)
I bet they never saw a n*gga bring the heat and be so cool
Freeze everything, n*gga don't move
You can choose to be a fool and try to get away
But never make it out the room when the pump go BOOM!
f*ckin 'em up, scream "f*ck the world" while I cuff my nuts
Real n*ggas don't lie, hit 'em in the mind, everytime goddamn we live
Send 'em to the graveyard, who gonna save y'all?
Matter of fact motherf*cka who paid y'all
You runnnin up on them n*ggas you know gonna bust back?
Take no more shorts f*ck that (f*ck that)
Pistol control, we roll streets of the all know
If they run up I'll pop get your hand out my pocket
For the Glock, Glock shot 'em all on the floor
You dealin with some motherf*ckin real n*ggas
Thrill n*ggas, we'll kill n*ggas if they wanna kill me
Still runnin with the AK-47 ain't sh*t changed
Still got the same artilary
Bust at them bast*rds (bast*rd)
Me and Boss steady breakin it off in they asses (in they ass)
Wanna see me get glasses (glass)
Cause I be all in your face but you walk right past me (past me)
But that let a n*ggas know they don't really wanna swang them thangs
f*ckin wit them thugs, the thugs... n*gga the thugs, what?

[Chorus: repeat 2x]

[Verse 4: Boss]
Bare witness to Mrs. Gangsta
We're gun-toaters, blunt smokers, big bank folders, and high rollers
Quick to burn off into toaster for fun, this b*tch
Judges wanna post as gorilla
Pimps, killers, and soldiers roll
You don't slip and we thought that we told ya
Know what Thug Luv n*gga to bone ya
They can run your sh*t and bend a corner, scatter and spread
Like mustard jam them buzzards up and leave 'em smothered
Quick friends gats find ya like bookie and they down with me like fo' flat
Y'all n*ggas got nuts, our n*ggas got nuts

So we can go nut for nut see who first to crack and split
Like ya down like wipers
'Fore the motherf*ckin piper pay the b*tch

[Verse 5: Krayzie]
You motherf*ckas finna feel it
Thugline put it down keepin it the real it
And I ain't really trippin of these n*ggas
They say they gonna get me yet they miss me
(What?) Cause I've been here n*ggas thuggin
Waitin for you motherf*ckas to come bring it to me
f*ck waitin I'ma mingle with it
The nine millimeter and plenty more haters
If any more n*ggas roll up put the cut I'm f*ckin 'em up
When I hit 'em with the pump don't duck you gonna die
f*ck you, die, buck you, die
Reload, unload one more time
Hit him with the pump make sure he dead
He bled blood, we bail
Ask me if a n*gga prepared for war hell yeah

[Chorus 'til fade]

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