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Krayzie Bone

"f*cked Up"

[Hook: Trae Tha Truth]
I don't f*ck with n*ggas
They say my tempo f*cked up
I tell them n*ggas f*ck'em
Get at me or shut the f*ck up
You looking for that street sh*t
n*gga I'm what the f*ck up
b*tch I'm on some M.O.E. sh*t
n*gga you might get f*cked up

[Bridge: Trae Tha Truth]
n*ggas saying they looking for me
Tell them n*ggas I ain't hard to find
Pillow talking, di*k sucking, ass n*ggas
Better close they mouth, and get sh*t shutdown
Play with them all the f*ck you want
I be damn, you come f*ck with mine
b*tch I’m king, I don’t give no f*ck
f*ck em, yea b*tch you’re out my mind

[Verse 1: Trae Tha Truth]
Some in the back of the sh*t of what’s next
Two hundred in the trunk, f*ck clips
Feeling like anybody get it, so don't flex
Tell them I extend the clip, don’t stretch
b*tch n*ggas get crash, no bricks
Talk slick, no cares, get chick
No past, f*ck last, you next
When I click, pus*y n*gga they ain't say sh*t
Say it to my face b*tch ass
But a n*gga get your whole tree shook b*tch
Any n*gga want beef, getting cook b*tch
I’m a goddamn fool, don't doubt that
4-door, all black, hop out that
ABM, outlaw, 3Hunna
Bump first on a n*gga, I’m ‘bout that

[Hook: Trae Tha Truth]

[Verse 2: Lil Reese]
Young n*gga, I'm wassup (3Hunna)
If he think he tough, he get f*cked up (bang now)
Ain't playing games we wassup
Keep big 30s when our guns tough
So we f*cked up, you get f*cked up
These n*ggas with me don't give no f*ck
I’m on some other sh*t, I might go nuts
Call Broski up with the thirty up
Go nuts with the b*tch [?] words that stunt
Ride up on the n*gga, all he see is dust
OTF in this b*tch, all I see is us
3Huna b*tch, all I trust is us
You get your skull bust with that 30 boy
They talking like they bout it, they ain't making noise
I’m from 3Hunna, we make extra noise
Young n*gga packing extra toys
They ain't coming where I'm from, I'm a savage boy
f*ck n*gga, catch me in traffic boy
I said f*ck n*gga catch me in traffic boy

[Hook: Trae Tha Truth]

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