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Krayzie Bone

"Take It Off"

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
And I ain't trying to be no husband
I'm just trying to get your loving
Ain't no time for you to be stubborn
Hey! And I ain't that kind that just be hovering
Over no blind bianc that's suffering
In the mind she got a lot of flustering
Listen, I got this thang
I wanna do bang all over you
Strange what I'm a do
I wanna put you in the lane that get sweet pain
I really wanna put you in the car
Get you at the house
I get aggressive n*gga I'll throw you on the couch
Ready to give it you, the bigger, the fatter
The better, the filler before I take it out
Take it off!

[Hook: Tech N9ne & Lady Q (2X)]
Take it off
(Here's my shirt baby)
Let me take it off ya, get if off!
(Here's my skirt baby)
Let me take it off ya, take if off!
(Put in work baby)
I'm about ta off ya, get if off!
(Do me, do me)
Give it to me and I gotcha, take if off!

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
You looking like you really need somebody
To come please your body, to complete your naughty
Hey! I'm tellin' you you need to seize my Johnny
It won't tease ya nanny, excuse me so irisy
I'm digging you, yes I wanna get in ya dress
The N9ne licking ya breast then I'm fixing to
Hit it to the people that thinking I had a cook out
If you got a pretty punani it's gettin' took out
Take it to the crib then I rip ya off
A good guy with the jungle love so baby look out
Oh! I'm lookin' for a ho E-O-E-O
If she wanna know me low she go
Baby gotta blow me slowly though
Hit it real slow for a minute then stepped up the pump
Hit it from the back and I pepped up the rump
But I beat it of a n*gga that messed up the c*nt
So I ain't gonna smell it if that's what you want
How many really wanna know about Tech
Gotta give a women that psycho sex
If she got a best friend we all have sex
And if she first then I go next
Here I come baby to break it off
When I'm done they gotta tape it off
Never defeated the better lover the heated
If I'm a give her the business then I'm a tell the baby

[Hook (2X)]

[Verse 2: K-Dean]
I been really tryna get witcha baby let me
Touch every little bit and part of your frame
Can't nobody give it to you like I can
I'mma give it to you like a n*gga went insane
n*ggas all in my ear yelling (Who that?)
When you so fat n*gga gotta (Move back!)
She be telling me n*gga you gotta kill
The cat from the back if you really wanna (Do that!)
Oh, oh stop playing with a n*gga, I'm a beast when I run it to that
She be callin' me T-pain a little when I do it so I had to (Chop and screw that)
If you really looking ready I'm put you in the back in my lap in the Chevy
Pick ur ass up in put it deep in yo belly
When we get throughyou u can't breathe, I'm so heavy (Hah!)
I'm the little bitty n*gga that'll kill any woman
That wanna give it to me cause I'm packing
Ain't nobody like me and my motherf*ckin' G's
Tell them other n*ggas stop their acting
T-t-t-take it off, I'mma b-b-break it off
I'mma f-f-f-f-f*ck you until you make it soft!
Too bad I popped the pill, now my di*k is hard as steel
See I treat the pus*y like Samuel when it's time to kill
All I wanna do is get you up in the bed
And we can do it all night while u giving me head
So little mama don't tease, I'll be giving you bread
So let me see everything that you willing to share!

[Hook (2X)]

[Verse 3: Lady Q]
I be losing my mind putting the work and the time
n*gga waiting for your ass to get home
Think about you all day, all the kids gone away
Mothaf*cker be bringing the patron, probably on the phone
n*gga be touching himself making a n*gga want to moan and groan
n*gga I'm about to do something wrong
Grab a camera and make my self cum
If you wanna be invited to the party n*gga all you gotta do is bring the di*k
Take my sh*t off any where that you wanna
n*gga I don't even care who's looking, sh*t!
Mothaf*cka do me how up really want to do me
All you gotta do is tell me how you really want to do me
Once you're giving loving to me bring the di*k and never leave me
Take it off like a new motherf*cker (Just do me!)
Now, I want you to take it and just work the sh*t
Make my toes curl and my eyes roll back
Mothaf*cka be off and ready to lick that sh*t
n*gga go down and taste the bit, flip me over and smack that sh*t
n*gga do me right make me cum all night
Motherf*cker be off an ready to lick that sh*t
Little n*gga be coming and try to do what he wanna
When he know he gonna be-be the king
Little n*gga be coming and try to do what he wanna when you know
I'mma suck ya like a lollipop queen
Get me real hot n*gga be hitting the spot
Little n*gga be coming and tryna gimme what he got
Here's my shirt, here's my skirt, here's my panties and my bra
Motherf*cker come quick I'm about to take it off!

[Hook (2X)]

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