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I hear them sirens outside, I think it’s going down (4x)

I'm from Richmond, you probably never heard of me
Once one of those capitals of where those murders be
Arm robbery, home burglary
Funeral and E.R.’s full of gun surgeries
100 barber shops and everybody nice
Shout out to Chuck and Jacob, they kept a n***a sliced
Shout out to Carena, what you do with rice
Curry chicken and cabbage, I pray over it twice
Back when Sunny’s was on the right
Two weeks early to get the Mike's
Flashy, fly lil n***a
Nosey miss from the corner like. "why lil n***a?"
Trick please, twist the trees
Took a long pause like miss to breath
Memphis Bleek answers life still like cancer
And I’m still serious, Vito still in the slammer
Sending me lyrics, JPay with the camera
I hope it lift up his spirits
Phone clicking that interference
I'm from, where the gas stations is the stores
I'm from, where the poor still get ignored
Where a man still gotta work 2 jobs
Cause the mouths to feed totaling 4
Slave at a 9-5 to find you can't afford
To provide for your children and they stomach sore
So you start reaching for that hammer inside the drawer
And its run-it time like one of them scenes we seen before…
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