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Kane & Abel

"States Evidence"

State your name for the court please (Ghinn)
Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth
And nothin but the truth, so help you God
(Fa'sho fa'sho)

Hard times of makin n*ggas brains thrust
The way to make it now a days is have to trust
And bust a motherf*ckaz head, if he steps wrong hit'em
A one man army, n*ggas swarm me, I'm gonna get'em by my self
I don't give a f*ck if I live or die, I'm creepin
Mac up off da shell scoapin, threw these evil eyes, suprize no moakin
n*gga do or die, don't try I'm floatin
On this genuwine verl potent, n*gga you watch fun and gloatin
Gonna take you down when I starta pokin
See I don't f*ck around n*ggas, I ain't jokin is I'm smokin
How many n*ggas wanna test, when it comes to brakin motherf*ckaz necks
Now who's up next, you wanna try me my triggaz the flow
f*ck around and die n*gga proove a hoe, n*gga throw

n*gga bring me da pain n*gga, I still shine to
You b*tches block my path, from one angle I still came threw
Appreciate da gal blocks b*tch, you set up on me
Cause every hour or three, decrease me kins by three
I know you b*tches feel me, so stay da f*ck out my path
Cuz you don't wanna feel da raft when my nerves done got bad
I wanted more then all I ever had, shed tears for it, years for it
So don't think ima bust ya f*ckin chest for it, make you stress for it
Crystalization so far you talk sh*t, now what you face'n
Still ajascent, to my brother Jizz, who f*cked dem n*ggas who be hatin
When I spit be like tornados, da last game of craps
Most wanted keep a b*tch straped

[Boss playa]
I'm hell risin, thug livin, just look at my life
Doin sh*t dat ain't right, get'n devious in the night, flight
Servin fiends wit pipes, everything straight but not quite
Tryin to get paid, bustin to make it to the light
My life is full of crackheads
n*ggas dat blade, n*ggas dat dead, some of'em players
Some locked up by da FED's, for bread
I'm goin all out
Most Wanted aim slugs in my mouth, real criminals ain't from down south
What you bout, I bring, bullets sting
They reign, when I come to bust your head, n*ggas gon know its a thing
And they wonder, when will there ever be peace
Never, drama increase
Slugs released from boss playaz on the streets

Your honour, the state would like to call their first witness to the stand
Tommy Two face

[Tommy Two Face]
Murders the plot, attack is the plan, revenge is the motive
No mercy cause they got loaded pistols, his head exploaded
Now how can I walk the block wit ease
When n*ggas is ready to c*ck and squeeze, make you stop and freeze
You watch and see through these streets are like a war zone
So I speak in a raw tone
No longer as a G.I. Joe, n*gga we all grown
So won't the fact that raps it bring riches
When my enemy pull it, hope that every bullet misses, this is the dark days
So now welcome to the dark age
The place where the hearts rage and my strength the sparks blaze
Raise my marks, worry everytime I leave and fear that I'm next to bleed
Hope'n she ain't the next to greive
God believe my intensions was good
A thick crew, a vest a gun or two, is the best defence in the hood
Now could it be a n*gga straight thuggin and stay dunkin
Triggers we stay huggin
Agony stay commin, motherf*ckaz
If I'm goin down, I'm takin n*ggas wit me
Like Kane and Abel

[Kane and Abel]
Watch me load my guns, a bit of sun, to the beat of the drum
I was born bought off and wrote off since day one
Con straight off da triple beam, wit this lyrical sceme
Mind designed like AV-9 wit an infer-red beem
I revail an unseen click and quick to serve them fiends
The meanest n*ggas besta stay quiet, when we droppin
I wanna hear pin drops and rats p*ssin on cotton
Writin n*ggas is plottin, leave'em forever forgottin
Most Wanted ain't stopin, to all the cuffs unlockin
And my n*ggas runnin out the pen, gun c*ckin and poppin

{*gun shots*}

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