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Mary J. Blige

"Beauty and a Thug"

[Mary J. Blige:]
So burgundy, the window to his soul
It seems he tapes his eyes closed
From huffin on, that's what he's puffin on
His style is rough, he wears his hair in cornrolls
His jeans hang loose and low
So his di..opps he cain't be comfortable I mean, he's gotta be comfortable
Now she's the type that's compared to a rose that grew from the concrete
So sweet ya know
From the streets yo
Now she's the opposite of he
Have you ever seen a lion sleep on the bossom of a sheep?
It's beautiful
Yeah thug though

[Both: (Chorus)]
She's so beautiful and he's a thug
They're so different yet they're in love
He's so thugged out and she's so beautiful
They're so perfect cause they're in love
[Mary J. Blige:]
Picture this, his warm velvet voice on a cold winters night
Sugar free, bitter truth
Building life from a slang so divine
Soul to soul, their flesh pressed
From a firm grip of onyx tenderness
He signed his name with a venom kiss
Upon a heart, I never heard of such bliss
Now she's the opposite of he
Such as a butterfly and he's a killer bee
Yeah, she becomes a victim to his sting
And he's amazed by the colors of her wings
And the life he's led has left him with some scars
But, she viewed them all as mere beauty marks
The moral of the story, plain as can be
He loved her cause, He is me

[Chorus: x2]
Da Da-da-da da da da-da-da da
She's beautiful and he's a thug
Made for each other 'cause they're in love
She's a petal and he's a thorn
From a different type of story since they were born

[Chorus: x2]

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