There Is A God lyrics

Edwin Hawkins

Try and put your arms around a hundred year old tree
Climb up on a horse and let him run full speed
Take a long down at the world from thirty thousand feet
On your next flight
Watch a flock of birds against a morning sun
Close your eyes and listen to the river run
Catch a firefly in your hand or a raindrop on your tongue
That's right
There is a God
There is a God
There is a God
How much proof do you need?

Plant a seed and see what comes out of the ground
Find the heartbeat on your baby's ultrasound
In a few years hear 'em laughin'
Don't it sound like a song?
Stop and think about what you don't understand
Things like life and love and how the world began
You're about to say we can't explain it
But the cancer's gone
Oh, there is a God
There is a God
There is a God
How much more proof do you need?

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