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Masta Ace

"Fats Crib (Interlude)"

[Fats - talking]
Yo, Ace you sound really p*ssed off
This music sh*t's got you stressed out, huh?

[Masta Ace - talking]
Yeah man, it's like every other day
It's a brand new set of bullsh*t you gotta' deal with
Gotta' deal with these fake ass people man, I don't know
But yo, before we talk about whatever you wanted to
Speak about, I'm gonna' run to the store
Get me a Sprite or something, I'm thirsty
Y'need anything?

[Fats - talking]
Yeah uh, I need to do some laundry
Get me a thing of like, Tide or whatever they got on the shelf
I got no clean drawes left, I'm walking around
Like a f*cking porno star 'a whole week
It's ridiculous

[Masta Ace - talking]
Yeah yeah, Fats that's way too much info, man
Is that all you need?

[Fats - talking]
Yeah yeah, but hurry back 'cause
I really gotta' talk to you about this thing

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