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J $tash


[Verse 1]
I be in the trap with them real n*ggas
Lowkey moving sacks on the field n*gga
In the strip club, bussing down on pills n*gga
In my hood you can get them for a deal n*gga
b*tch I'm a boss, f*ck what it cost
One million off them packs, sometimes you take a loss
Need me a couple racks before I set it off
You get it overnight, dropped off right on your porch
Dope money, coming in, coming out
Thirty bricks a day, b*tch we ain't running out
Been a couple years since my trap had a drought
Them nick's keep coming back to me without a doubt
Snakes in the grass, got to keep it cut
When we see police, b*tch we know how to duck
Motherf*ck the fed's, they ain't getting us
And for them jack boys, he got the uzi tucked

[Hook x4]
Nuthin', nuthin', you ain't scaring nuthin'
You ain't scaring nuthin', you ain't scaring nuthin'

[Verse 2]
You ain't scaring nothing when my finger on the trigger
b*tch I'm gone off them flats, ain't sh*t, can murk me a n*gga
I be sticking, I be jigging
I be rolling like a wheelie
I be gone off them pillie's, if you try me boy you silly
Please believe me, I'm one hunna'
My little n*ggas, they all going
Street n*ggas, dope runners, counting up straight hundred's
A.K.'s for the drama, bloodhound for the money
Rob you and your mama, turn around and murk karma
Back to back in them black cars
Street n*gga with a black card
My white b*tch, she a bad broad
Pimping ain't easy but it ain't hard
Money talking, we conversating
I'm a rude boy, hang with Jamaican's
I'm a little Haiti, hang with some Haitian's
All my street n*ggas, they ain't got no patients
Fast money our occupation
Coke white like Aryan Nation
Straight cut, n*gga no faking
When we getting money they all hating
These n*ggas won't hold me back
Smoking weed and counting stacks
They hoping that I f*cking lap
But best believe I'm f*cking strapped


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