Mephisto And Kevin

Eric Cartman

Here's South Park's favorite band, Primus!

In 1986, the University of California at Davis
saw two of its all-time brightest stars,
Dr. Alphonse Mephisto and Dr. Arnie Apesacrappin.
Dr. Mephisto worked hard towards his thesis - his goal
was to genetically duplicate the DNA structure of asparagus,
so that all asparagus would grow to the same girth and length,
giving asparagus a much more pleasant presentation in the world's
supermarket vegetable bins.

Dr. Apesacrappin's goal was to genetically create the greatest
musical entertainer the world had ever seen.
Dr. Apesacrappin knew that if he could assemble the right elements,
he could theoretically build a DNA structure that would ensure
his creation had talent far surpassing the average individual.

At the time, one subject of urban myth was the story that
Michael Jackson - in an effort to retain his youthful look and
feminine vocal characteristics - had his testicles surgically removed,
thereby making him a modern-day castrato.

If such a rumor were true, Michael Jackson more than likely would have
had some of his semen preserved before the surgery, to ensure the
future of his name and lineage.

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