Uncle f*cka

Eric Cartman

[TERRENCE, spoken]
You're such a pig f**ker, Phillip!

[PHILLIP, spoken]
Terrance, why would you call me a pig f**ker?

[T, spoken]
Well, let's see! First of all, you f**k pigs.

[P, spoken]
Oh yeah!

[T, spoken]
Well, f**k my ass and call me a b*t*h!

[P, spoken]
Oh, you sh*t-faced c*ckmaster!

[T, spoken]
Listen, you donkey-raping sh*t eater. You'd f**k your uncle!

[P, spoken]
You'd f**k YOUR uncle!

Shut your f**king face, uncle f**ka
You're a c*ck-sucking, ass-licking uncle f**ka
You're an uncle f**ka, yes it's true
Nobody f**ks uncles quite like you

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