The Most Offensive Song Ever

Eric Cartman

Howdy Ho.

[Mr. Hankey & Kenny]

The Virgin Mary was sleepin'
When Angel Gabriel appeared
He said, "You are to be the virgin mother."
And Mary thought that was weird.

Mary said, "I'm not a virgin.
I blew a guy last year."
But then Gabriel said to Mary
"My child, have no fear."

'Cause, you can suck all the d**k you want
And still be a virgin, Mary.
You can suck all the d**k you want,
And still not be considered flawed.
Although you went to town
and sucked some semen down,
You're still a virgin in the eyes of God.

There was no room at the inn
When Mary and Joseph did arrive.
But they were so very tired, you see,
And Mary had to offer a bribe.

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