Wake Up Wendy (Chef Aid version)

Eric Cartman

Ladies and gentlemen, the hardest working man in show business, Mr. Elton John!

Got this bug-eyed girl
Cold hand on my knee
Frozen teeth chitter, chatter
She's dressed up like a cemetery
Like a cemetery

Snowbound all winter
Blue lips on my cheek
Little tongues prattlin', rattlin'
Talkin' about them hometown geeks
Them hometown geeks

Wake up Wendy, smell the coffee
Help me into your custom kitchen
Gimme a cup of that old black magic
I want to get me some of that old home cookin'
Can you feel it, it's chilly and freezin'
Wake up Wendy, moods a changin'
I got a reason, and you got a feelin'
Wake up Wendy, love's in season

Feels like a steam clean
When she washes me
Clouds a bustin', pumps a hissin'
Just peel me off the ceiling
Off the ceiling

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