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Geto Boys

"Bald Headed Hoes"

Haha, Y'all thought this was Dragnet, didn't you?
Wrong answer again
This song is for all the mothaf*ckin' chicken-head b*tches
And we kept the mothaf*ckin' names the same
'Cause we think being a bald-head b*tch is a goddamn shame

[Verse 1]
What the f*ck is goin' on in this goddamn world?
What are you, b*tch? A boy or a girl?
I can't tell 'cause your sh*t on the sides are gone
You remind me of that monkey-lookin' b*tch Grace Jones
f*cked up is how you look to Willie D
I just gotta have a b*tch that has more hair than me
Some try to cover up by weavin' it through
You ain't foolin' nobody
We know you're bald-headed, too

Bald-head hoes
Whatcha see D, w-w-w-whatcha see D
I see some bald-head hoes
Bald-head hoes
Whatcha see D, w-w-w-whatcha see D
I see some bald-head hoes

[Verse 2]
There should be a crime against bald-head hoes
Why they want to be bald?
Nobody knows!
Being bald makes a gal look like a beast
Stupid-ass hoes, ain't ya heard of grease?
Hell naw
Cause if you did, you'd have some up there
Like your pus*y, you gotta give it proper care
Every time I look around, I see a damn disgrace
Motherf*cking wig pieces all over the place!
It's from them (bald-head hoes)
They just so damn mean
The meanest-ass hoes I ever seen
Ain't got no hair, so they act crude
And wanna go and pick a fight with the girls who do
Am I right? (You right.)
Hell yeah I'm right!
I've seen this sh*t, night after night
Instead of wearin' other people's hair, you dumbass b*tch
You need to buy some dog mane, and grow your own damn sh*t!


[Verse 3]
Now I just can't go with a bald-head hoe
You ain't gotta ask why for me to tell you so
If I can't run through her hair with my hand
Somehow it seems like I be f*ckin' a man!
So stay away you bald hickies
I know you out there
Talkin to you hoes who ain't got no hair
Your sister bald, Zanny
Your mamma bald, Eddie
I bet you even got a bald-headed-ass granny


Now this is how you spot a bald-head hoe

[Verse 4]
Hair spots on a hot sunny day
Too many gaps in the scalp is a dead giveaway
I saw no-hair Clair
Yesterday on the cut
Today I saw the girl, her hair was down to her butt
I hope that she know, that I know it ain't real
But I won't squeal not even on Andrea
Kim, Shawn or Merylinn
Nor Tamika and Rika—the famous bald-head twins
Something must be done
About these citizens
You ask what will I do to support my fellow man?
I'm proposin' a bill
To Capitol Hill
To kill all bald-headed women at will

Chorus X2

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